Voters in Wilson elected Bernard “Bernie” Leiker mayor by a 10-vote margin Tuesday over challenger Gerard “Jerry” Kadryna, while Barker residents nudged Mayor Herbert Meyer aside in favor of trustee Aaron Nellist for the top job.

Leiker, a Democrat serving as deputy mayor, prevailed with 224 votes to Kadryna’s 214. Kadryna was backed by the Republican and Independence parties.

Voters ushered in Nellist as Barker’s new mayor by a vote of 69 to 43.

Nellist, 43, is finishing his first term as a trustee in the village of 540 residents, while Meyer was finishing his first term as mayor.

Also in Barker, newcomers Mark Wilson and Gregory Kerth were unchallenged in their bid for two available trustee spots, with Wilson earning 101 votes and Kerth 90.

In Middleport, Mayor Richard Westcott and Trustees Wayne Blumrick and Rebecca Hinkson faced no opposition at the polls and earned two more years in office.

In Wilson, Leiker and Kadryna have been running the village as a two-man board since former Mayor Patrick Kelahan resigned last fall when he moved to Newfane with his family.

While Leiker will become mayor of Wilson, Kadryna will stay on as a trustee. Leiker also was backed by the Wilson Community Party, and Kadryna was also backed by the Taxpayer Party.

Leiker was elected to the Wilson Village Board in March 2010, while Kadryna was elected to a four-year trustee term last March. The new mayor is expected to appoint someone shortly for a one-year term to restore the full three-person Town Board.

There were no village elections in Lewiston or Youngstown this year.