Obama hasn’t offered any meaningful cuts

The sequester cuts are officially in place, yet Armageddon has not come, poor children are not yet starving and the elderly are still being cared for. However, one would think otherwise listening to President Obama, who constantly hypes up the fear of these cuts for his own political purposes. He wants to make the cuts seem so abhorrent to the American people that the Republican Party gets blamed and eventually dissolves.

The president even shut down all White House tours indefinitely, which was totally unnecessary, considering these tours cost little to run. This is another way to hurt the American people so they will never again be open to spending cuts.

The fact of the matter is that Obama has not proposed any meaningful spending cuts in his five years in office because he is a big-spending liberal who wants the welfare state to be forever institutionalized in this country. His own former treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, said that in less than 10 years, spending on entitlement programs and the interest on the national debt would consume 92 percent of every federal dollar. However, Obama does not see the urgency of this.

Although these sequester cuts are reckless in the sense that they slash spending across the board and will probably have adverse effects on the defense industry, especially in a time of war, they will most likely do more good than harm. If these cuts are the best Washington can come up with, given the president’s stubbornness to solve the debt crisis, then so be it.

Michael Khan