Let’s hope pope leads church out of the past

As I watched the white smoke billow from the Vatican’s chimney to announce the election of the Catholic Church’s new pope, I could not help but think what a perfect metaphor that was for the church itself. In the ultra-connected, electronically driven world we live in today, the church is still using smoke signals to indicate the outcome of one of its most important events.

Along with millions of other Catholics and non-Catholics worldwide, I fervently wish that Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope and the first pope with a science background (he holds a master’s degree in chemistry), will have the courage, strength, humility and wisdom to lead his troubled church out of its misogynist past and into the 21st century. I fervently hope that this will be the case. I wouldn’t bet on it, but, if I did, that bet would be one that I would be overjoyed to lose.

Frank J. Dinan