Sabres haven’t performed at competent level

While watching the Sabres, an old saying from my old boss comes to mind regarding incompetent workers. “You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear.”

Wally Koperski


Sabres’ changes should continue

The Sabres sit near the bottom of the NHL and have missed the playoffs three out of five years; it’s clear that significant change is needed. The dismissal of Lindy Ruff, though both sad and overdue, was a good first step, but this roster needs a major overhaul in terms of both talent and heart. Moreover, as he is the one who assembled this lineup, it is fair to say that Darcy Regier is not the man who should be charged with fixing it.

We’ve heard a lot about “Hockey Heaven” since Mr. Pegula took ownership, and it is obvious that his intentions are sincere. He rightly admires the Red Wings and the Penguins, and his desire to emulate those franchises is music to any fan’s ear. However, he and Mr. Black have failed to copy them in one critical way: embracing change as a component of success. These teams aren’t passive; they don’t let the market be set before acting. If they want a player, they get him; if a coach or a player isn’t working out, they replace him; they do not let sentimentality get in the way of winning, and while that sounds cold, it is a trait all winning teams share.

As such, and if Mr. Pegula and Mr. Black are as committed to winning as we believe them to be, they must bring in a new GM to both rebuild this roster and hire the next head coach. There is no better candidate for this job than Jim Nill, Assistant GM of the Red Wings. His record of identifying and helping develop young talent is outstanding, and his four Stanley Cup rings would bring an air of relevancy to this franchise that has been missing for a long, long time.

Marc Rummenie

East Aurora

Point of order: Sabres must win

The Buffalo Sabres have passed the halfway mark of the season. This year they find themselves in the position of being in the basement looking up.

Here is an observation for the game announcers and local news sports anchors who are satisfied with getting a point for an overtime loss. A point doesn’t mean anything when a team only plays other teams in their conference. Thanks to the lockout and the subsequent shortened season, unless you get a win, and two points, you have not made up any lost ground.

In my view, the Sabres’ big problem this year has been just two minutes per game. Personally, I sit and cringe the first and last minutes of every game. This year the team seems to start late and finish early, seemingly letting in soft goals. It remains the same, you need to play sixty full minutes to win the game.

By my estimation, the boys in blue and gold need to win nearly all of their remaining games to have any hope at the playoffs. Anything less will amount to another year of hitting the golf course early.

James Schmigel Jr.


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