Unhappy Catholics can look elsewhere

Several recent articles in The News have reflected the desire of many to change the Vatican to reflect their own personal views. My question is, why? If you fundamentally disagree with any organization, or if you count yourself as one who does not follow the goals and objectives set forth by the leadership of that group, why not just leave it?

Fortunately, there is a group that is available to those who wished the Vatican was more progressive. This group won’t tell you what to do in your bedroom and it won’t tell you that you’re going to burn for eternity if you don’t live a certain way. It won’t ask you to put aside your rational mind and it won’t insult your intelligence by telling you that you’d be lost without its guidance. It doesn’t ask for dues and it doesn’t ask that you get together once a week to compare fashion while looking upward. It doesn’t elect anyone – living or dead – to supernatural posts. There are no dues and everyone is responsible for his own actions. More importantly, bigotry, misogyny and racism are treated as the evils that they are.

So who is this group? Secular humanists. They urge us to treat others with love and respect and all of the other good things we learned in kindergarten. You don’t need religion to live a peaceful and happy life, and you might even be better off without it. Just ask a secular humanist, or someone who has been oppressed in the name of religious belief.

Adam Morgan

Grand Island