Church is a pillar, should not change

The March 10 article, “Do Catholics care who fills Peter’s chair?” suggests that the Catholic Church might like to modernize in order to keep pace with contemporary society. That is exactly what the church must not do. Are we to build our houses on sand or on solid ground? It is imperative that one pillar of strength remains, one signpost pointing toward the goodness and truth and beauty that does not change.

Some people opine that the church’s position on sex is entirely backward for 2013. But we can dig deeper; what does it really mean to love? A sexuality based on lust and consumption will do everything to deplete and destroy humanity. Sexuality causes society to exist, and for this reason it affects society from the roots on up. The church teaches that sex should be a committed, lifelong and loving gift of oneself to another person – a giving and receiving that is always open to new life.

The church will undoubtedly undergo change in the years to come. These changes need to be a perfecting of what it means to be Catholic; we cannot remove the Catholicism. I’m 26 years of age. Mainstream American culture has left my generation empty and hungry. We want something more. That is why you can expect more orthodoxy from us – a generous orthodoxy rooted in faith, hope and love.

Jonathan Michals