Crangle should resign from board immediately

I would like to comment on The News article about Town of Tonawanda Councilman Dan Crangle. I read with fascination what a wonderful guy he is, in spite of his recent arrest for the stalking of his estranged wife. Several people have come forward in his defense saying he made a mistake and we shouldn’t be interested in the private life of a public official.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing that. When you run for public office, or hold public office, your private life is no longer private. I have first-hand, be it brief, experience in this arena. If he were as wonderful as I’m expected to believe, he would have resigned immediately.

Let me remind my good neighbors who reside in the Town of Tonawanda that Crangle is a Democrat on a Town Board controlled by Democrats. They always circle the wagons in defense of one of their own. My only question is: How would he have been treated in the media and by his colleagues had he been a Republican? I think anyone who is paying attention knows the answer to that question. I wish Crangle only the best in resolving his issues.

Jim Ticco