SPCA is providing great care for horses

On March 5, I sat in for the last hour of the Beth Hoskins horse trial in Aurora Town Court. It is one of many times I’ve listened to the proceedings. Last June, when the farrier testified about the deplorable condition of the horses’ hooves, the photos and testimony made me nauseous.

In February, my son and I volunteered to help unload hay at one of the SPCA barns housing some of Hoskins’ confiscated horses. Seven hundred bales of hay trucked in from Albany were unloaded and stored by the first shift of volunteers, and there was another 18-wheeler waiting with the second load. My son and I can tell you from experience what labor-intensive work is involved. Judge Douglas Marky should be encouraged to help unload the next shipment of hay.

Donn Esmonde’s March 8 column highlights the issues of time, delays and cost to the taxpayers. The continued cost to care for these magnificent animals is immense. The SPCA not only is doing an outstanding job bringing these horses back to functionality and beauty; its officials are also very credible witnesses on the stand with their testimony.

Linda Ulrich-Hagner

East Aurora