“Garden Princess” by Kristin Kladstrup; Candlewick Press, $15.99.

Princess Adela doesn’t quite fit the idea of a storybook princess. For one thing, she’d rather dig about in the garden than dance at a ball. Her fondest wish is to travel the world collecting rare plants. She’s not exactly beautiful. And she’s very tall!

When an invitation arrives for her friend, the gardener’s son, to attend a garden party thrown by Lady Hortensia on far-away Flower Mountain, Adela decides to go along, even though she technically isn’t invited and doesn’t really want to have to wear a ballgown and shoes that pinch her feet.

But when Adela arrives at the party, she notices something very strange. All the plants are blooming, in the middle of October. The guests are disappearing. And a talking magpie (a bird) is stealing the guests’ jewels. Can Adela get to the root of the mystery before it’s too late?

This entertaining and suspenseful fantasy, with a very sinister villain, is by the author of “The Book of Story Beginnings.”

– Jean Westmoore


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Someone might have told you long ago that the humps on camels contain water. NOT TRUE!

The humps of camels are filled with fatty tissue. Animals, including humans, store energy in fat. When there’s no food or water around, animals live off the stored fat. In the harsh dry desert, camels’ fatty humps let them live for a long time without water.

“Time For Kids: Big Book of Why”