Spring accessorizing calls for a lighter touch, which may explain the ladybugs on your shoes. That’s right, we’ve seen the lifelike embellishments on several warm-weather accessories – but the fun doesn’t stop with charming insects. Light-hearted caps, two-tone clutch bags, patterned tights, unique flower motifs, clear shoes and colors both bold and pastel are among the other highlights in spring accessories. Here is a look at some of the trends spotted around town:

Fringe: It’s a look one expects to see during fall and winter on suede and leather goods, but it’s one that moves into metal jewelry this spring as well, often creating a 1920s feel.

Local jewelry designer Karol Kirberger, of Wild Things Artisan Gallery, 224 Lexington Ave., crafted a silver necklace that combines fringe detailing with mystic-finished aquamarine stones.

“I wanted to showcase these beautiful stones I brought back from Tucson, and at first I wanted to do something tribal because I’ve been seeing that as a trend. But as I worked with the stones it became more of a vintage piece. Instead of tribal, it ended up more flapper-ish with the fringe,” said Kirberger, noting the recent renewed interest in 1920s/Great Gatsby-inspired fashions.

Flashy footwear: Spring always calls for colorful shoes. This season you’ll find both pastels and brights – as well as combinations of colors and materials on the same shoe.

Color is a shoe trend that can be interpreted in different ways to appeal to women of all ages.

“A shoe is a good place to wear bold color,” said Sue Marfino, owner of ShoeFly, 801 Elmwood Ave. The same woman who is not comfortable wearing a neon shirt can be perfectly fine wearing color at her feet. Even if it’s just a bit of color.

“She can wear a black outfit and a black sandal with a pink sole,” Marfino said.

Perfectly clear: Fashion has a way of turning 180 degrees in the same season. So in addition to bold colors, you’ll also see something else this spring: see-through accessories. It might be a clear bracelet or pendant, or a clear element on a shoe.

These aren’t the see-through shoe styles of the past, Marfino said.

“Now it’s done as an accent. It doesn’t have that plastic look,” she said. When a clear accent – picture a single clear strap – is used on a nude, tan or other skin-toned shoe, “it almost becomes a non-shoe,” she added.

This can be quite flattering as it visually elongates the leg.

Caps. Whether newsboy or similarly styled, lightweight caps are an alternative to brimmed hats. Their appeal? “There’s the cuteness factor, but caps are essential for keeping the sun off your face. It completes an outfit, but it’s great to pack in your bag for the beach,” said Stephanie Robb, who sells several styles at her shop, Turnstyle, 298 Ashland Ave. at Lexington Avenue.

Patterned tights. Sure, winter comes to mind when you think textured or patterned tights and leggings. But spring versions can fill the time gap between heavyweight legwear and bare legs. You can choose something subtle, but vivid prints are another option this spring – including tights in a pattern called Paint Splash at Turnstyle.

How to wear them? “Wear something solid on top and keep the splash of color on the leg,” Robb said. While you can’t go wrong with a wedge sandal or shoe, “ankle booties would be awesomely cute,” she added.

High contrast. Fashion never tires of black and white – or navy and white – nor do many women. This spring, the look goes either mod (think blocks) or nautical (think stripes). Your choice. You’ll see these timeless combinations in handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry.

Other trends for spring: Bright handbags, sometimes worn as the only pop of color with an otherwise neutral outfit. Two-tone clutches. Floral-themed jewelry of all sorts. Pointy-toed shoes. Patterned shoes (LOFT is just one retailer that pairs a printed pump with a striped top and makes it work).

And, as luck would have it, the occasional ladybug.