Developer Carl P. Paladino intensified his long-standing feud with the Buffalo School Board on Wednesday after accusing Superintendent Pamela C. Brown of refusing to release a long-awaited report on the district by Distinguished Educator Judy Elliott.

The superintendent denied that any such report had been released by State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. Elliott, who was appointed last fall by King to serve as a consultant to the low-performing school district, was given the responsibility of issuing quarterly reports on the district, the first of which has yet to be released.

“The report was apparently delivered to the superintendent and the state commissioner, John King, but it wasn’t published,” Paladino complained during the public comment portion of the board’s regular business meeting Wednesday.

“The superintendent apparently didn’t like the content and complained to Commissioner King. The superintendent should not have any say in the content of a report, which should be an objective review of her performance and that of the district.”

Brown responded that the report will be made public only after King releases it. “It is within the authority of Commissioner King to release the report that, I believe, has been submitted to him by Dr. Elliott. That is not within my authority. So as soon as he is ready to release the report, it will be released,” she said. “You might want to check your facts sometimes before you make public statements.”

Paladino also engaged in verbal sparring with board President Ruth Ann Kapsiak after he accused her of having received Elliott’s report five weeks ago. Paladino, who is seeking a seat on the School Board in the May elections, later acknowledged that he had misspoken and meant to say that it was the superintendent who was in possession of the report.

Brown did not say whether she had seen the report, only that its release had not yet been authorized by King.

“Well, I was told that the report was given to you five weeks ago. You haven’t shared it with the board, obviously,” Paladino said.

“That is not correct. I’m not sure what the source of your information is,” Brown responded.

Paladino also accused the board and school officials of covering up instances of violence in the district’s schools.