A 38-year-old Guernsey Street woman and a 29-year-old Hudson Street woman were charged Thursday by Buffalo police with taking part in a gang assault with an already arrested man during an early-morning incident Tuesday in the first block of Guernsey Street.

Jennie N. LaMont of Guernsey Street woman and Luanne Isaacs were charged with second-degree gang assault.

Police said the two women are accused of taking part with the already arrested Gilbert E. Jaeckle, 52, of Guernsey in beating up a man in a Guernsey Street home about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. LaMont was arrested on Guernsey and Isaacs was arrested on Grider Street. The victim was treated for two black eyes, swollen cheeks and a back head injury caused by being hit with a chair during the melee, police reported.