After two years under the control of the Town of Hamburg, Woodlawn Beach is not yet operating in the black, but it has seen a precipitously shrinking deficit, according to Supervisor Steven J. Walters.

Addressing residents who attended Monday’s regular Town Board meeting, Walters said the town’s operation of Woodlawn Beach has allowed the town to greatly expand its recreational opportunities.

“We knew there would be some expenses with the beach. The last year the state had the beach fully operational, they lost about $300,000. The best year they ever had, they brought in revenues of just about $50,000. We knew we could do a lot better than that,” Walters said.

Two years ago, the town signed an agreement with the state to run the beach. This, Walters said, has helped increase revenues for the town’s Recreation Department, which has been operating in the black since 2007.

After the meeting, Walters discussed his reasons for providing that sort of context to the discussion.

“I brought that up because there were some questions that with the addition of Woodlawn Beach – particularly with the losses that the state incurred over the course of the years – that this would reinvert itself, and we would start running in the red again in the Recreation Department,” Walters said.

During the meeting, Councilman Joseph A. Collins noted that the town lost $42,000 through its operation of the beach last season.

However, Walters insisted that no other services in the Recreation, Youth and Senior Services departments were harmed.

“With the addition of Woodlawn Beach, we have been able to greatly expand the recreation opportunities for our residents,” Walters said.

“We started a second day camp right at the beach. We’ve had a multitude of events at the beach, including a national beach tennis tournament right there, … which brought in spectators from across the country and dozens of teams from across the country.”