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Federal and Buffalo police this morning carried out a dozen raids on suspected drug houses in a crime- and violence-prone area of the East Side, authorities said.

The streets where the raids occurred were in the area of French, Box, Glenwood and Phyllis.

“In this 10 block area …there have been 10 murders in the last year," said Dale Kasprzyk, head agent in Buffalo for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

”This is a neighborhood where there has been an over amount of violence and drug trafficking.”

“So we teamed up with the DEA to clean it up," said Buffalo Deputy Police Commissioner Charles Tomaszewski said.

One of the raids on French Street was on the 100 block of French.

“They were distributing crack cocaine from the residence," Kasprzyk said.

A police helicopter and SWAT teams from the FBI, Amherst, the Town of Tonawanda and other suburbs were involved in the raids.

One person identified as a primary distributor was Mashi Phillips 38. He was charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.