Nedra Thomas-Mattox was the victim of what Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda described Tuesday afternoon as “a history of domestic violence between” the 38-year-old mother of two and her husband and confessed murderer, Antoine D. Mattox,

The police commissioner said Mattox, arrested at a Rochester bus terminal Monday afternoon hours after what Derenda called “a very graphic and brutal scene” of violence in the couple’s Andover Avenue home in the city’s Bailey-Kensington area, confessed to the killing as he was being driven back to Buffalo by homicide detectives.

The commissioner and Detective Chief Dennis J. Richards said the Mattox family’s landlord called police after finding the body of the victim in a rear bedroom of the home. Northeast District police arrived at the scene about 3:25 Monday and found the couple’s 10-year-old son home. Richards said the Mattox other child, a daughter, was still as school.

Because of what Richards called “excellent cooperation from people in the area” the first officers at the murder scene learned that Antoine Mattox was spotted fleeing from the house on foot about 1:30 p.m. An area-wide “person of interest” police alert was broadcast for him and Rochester police took him into custody at the Greyhound Bus Station on Cumberland Street in that city.

Police Commissioner Derenda and Richards said the murder suspect was believed to be on his way down to Virginia when the bus he had apparently gotten on in Buffalo sometime mid-afternoon Monday stopped in Rochester to pick up other passengers. The reason for his possible trip to Virginia was not disclosed by the police officials.

“This was a truly coordinated effort within our agency between the district officers, Homicide Squad and Sex Offense Squad detectives, was well as communicating the fact that the subject may have fled the area,” Richards said. “Rochester officers were able to find the subject, based on his description from us and arranged to turn him over to Buffalo detectives,” he added.

The police commissioner and chief of detectives said Detectives Anthony Borrelli and Mario T. Pratts formally charged Antoine Mattox with murder in the second degree Tuesday. They said Detective Sgt. James P. Lonergan and Detectives James A. Lema, Reginald Minor and Salvatore A. Valso played an active role in the fast-moving investigation leading up to the arrest.

Richard said said investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened that lead to the death of Ms. Mattox. He said the Mattox children were taken into protective custody and the family dog was house in the city pound. Neither he or the police commissioner would disclose the exact cause of death.

The husband of an Andover Avenue woman who was found dead in her home at about 3:25 p.m. Monday was charged today in his wife’s death, Buffalo police reported. They did not immediately detail the charges.

Homicide detectives had been questioning Antoine D. Mattox, 32, ever since he was picked up by Rochester police at a bus station there around 5:30 p.m. Monday after a warrant had been issued.

Police this afternoon identified the victim as Nedra Thomas-Mattox, 38.

Buffalo Detective Chief Dennis J. Richards said officers were trying to piece together what happened to the woman. They have not disclosed the cause of death.

The dead woman’s two children and the family dog were taken from the home early Monday afternoon.