New York Lottery officials Tuesday presented a $1 million prize to Gina Ortiz of Depew, who became the first person across the state to claim a top prize in the re-released Jumbo Bucks scratch-off game.

The lottery’s Gretchen Dizer presented Ortiz with her prize at the Mobil Mart on Sheridan Drive at Colvin Boulevard in the Town of Tonawanda, where she purchased the ticket.

The $1 million prize will be paid as an annuity, with Ortiz receiving 20 annual payments of $33,090 after required withholdings. She has no plans for the money beyond taking care of herself and her daughter.

“I had $6 left over after doing laundry and decided to buy one of the Jumbo Bucks tickets because it was new,” Ortiz said. “I won $10 on that ticket and went back into the store to buy two more. I scratched one in the store and no luck. I scratched the other at home and saw the matching 17s.”

Ortiz checked the ticket over and over, thinking her eyes were playing tricks on her. They weren’t.