By Tom Precious


ALBANY – The Democratic co-leader of the State Senate said Tuesday he does not see the new bipartisan coalition system of running the 63-member chamber as a temporary blip.

“In one generation we consider things revolutionary and another generation we consider them par for the course and the way things are done. I think we’re on to something here,’’ said Sen. Jeff Klein, a Bronx Democrat who heads the five-member group of breakaway Democrats who brokered a deal with Republicans to control the Senate.

“We’re going to prove that it’s very effective and I think we’re going to show people this is really the way to govern,’’ Klein said when asked if he envisioned the Democrats getting back together as a single controlling group in the Senate.

Klein, one of the top Senate leaders during a controversial period in 2009 and 2010 when Democrats controlled the Senate, said those years did not work because the two parties could not work together and some Democrats were more interested in making political points instead of cutting deals.

“We could never find a way to strike a balance,’’ he said of the period.

Klein said he is confident a minimum wage hike will be contained in the state budget being readied for a vote next week, and added that he does not believe the state’s new gun control law should be amended, other than making a couple minor technical changes involving current and retired police officers.