American Dream is alive and well

In response to the March 3 My View, the American Dream is not dead. Opportunity is there. It may take digging a little deeper or exploring different territory, but make no mistake, employers will always need dependable, productive employees. It costs a fortune to hire and train new people. Getting the right person, the first time, is essential.

The American Dream is not dead, nor is it easily achievable, and it never was.

The interview process is the entry, and it’s where most candidates stub their toe.

Are you willing to move? Are you willing to start for a smaller paycheck than your prior job? Are you exploring different positions than your prior job, where demand may be higher? Will you work non-traditional hours? Did you ask, in the interview, how much vacation you’ll be allowed, or how many paid holidays there are?

Every employee’s main responsibility is to make his boss look good, and his company profitable. You achieve the American Dream by helping others achieve theirs.

It starts with your attitude. Ask yourself honestly, “would I hire me”?

Paul Steffan