Feds have nerve asking county to pay back funds

On March 4, The News ran an article about the Department of Homeland Security’s audit of costs incurred in the aftermath of the October 2006 snowstorm. The audit was critical of Erie County’s handling of the $48.5 million that was given by the federal government and the agency demanded that Erie County repay this money because “The county can’t show us anything they actually did.”

Two days later, The News ran an article detailing the findings of a Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction that concluded at least $8 billion was wasted.

Putting both articles in context, I, as a taxpayer and a U.S. citizen, am outraged that the federal government, via Homeland Security, would try to bully the citizens of Erie County to get “their” money back, while at the same time another federal agency admits that there is little hope of getting back the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that are unaccounted for in Iraq for the exact same reason given by Homeland Security in its criticism of Erie County.

At least the money spent here was spent helping American citizens, as opposed to just giving it away to a foreign government without purpose or oversight. As for Homeland Security, before you bully American citizens and taxpayers, remember that we are your bosses and not the other way around.

Clay T. Varga