Keep waterfront open to the public

The recent News article regarding the proposed development of two sites on the waterfront near Templeton Landing, one of which will house a 14-story building, makes me think we are repeating mistakes of the past.

The “wonderful” Niagara Thruway that cuts the waterfront from the city is being supplemented by the creation of a wall of high-rise buildings that cuts the view of Buffalo’s greatest asset from those who live here. The recent additions of two condo buildings on Lakefront Boulevard are an affront to the people of Western New York. Now we are thinking of adding a third.

Why don’t we just wall off the lake and river from the people?

I believe these parcels can be developed in a way to make a profit for a developer and be responsible to the community. Can this proposed building concept be moved to the near-vacant HSBC tower? I know the city and development agencies trip over themselves when someone wants to put a shovel in the ground, but projects like this do not belong on the immediate waterfront. I hope the community will weigh in and voice its concern. Not all development is smart development.

Carl Skompinski