Many are determined to unseat the governor

I am writing in response to the NY SAFE Act. Never in my life have I seen such a total disregard for the Constitution.

I was at the rally in Albany on Feb. 28, and while the governor would like to believe that there were only 5,000 people there, there were easily 10,000. The Associated Press photo that was posted must have been taken a couple hours before the beginning of the rally, because once started there were no open spaces. For every patriot who was there, 20 more would have been there if not for other commitments.

Why would anybody vote for a law when there was absolutely no time to read it over? I do not want people representing me who do not know what they’re voting for. There is absolutely nothing in this law that will save lives. And why is it that county after county and law enforcement agencies across the state are not supporting this law? Firearm manufactures are refusing to sell to the state. Why?

Back in the late ’60s, I enlisted at the age of 17. I took an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That oath has not expired. I do this for my children, my grandchildren and even your children. Our numbers are growing. I promise that we will do whatever we can to unseat the governor. There is no room for people who want to chip away at the foundation of this great nation.

Bob Zdarsky