Elected officials have let Americans down

This is not about the nurse in California, who recently refused to administer CPR to a woman who subsequently died. The nurse’s boss apparently directed her not to perform CPR.

Our government needed CPR.

This is about the president, Congress and the sequester. This is about going into the final countdown to the deadline with announced, entrenched positions. This is about arrogance, egos and reckless disregard for individuals who would be unnecessarily harmed by the previously unthinkable harshness of the cuts, which now became ammunition in the blame game.

This is about the Congress members who refused to take responsible action before and on that final day, and flew home. This is about the president, who goes before the press corps and acts like he is without authority, meaningful influence and capability to lead.

Pay attention voting public: We hired these people and placed them in office. We pay them and provide them benefits to perform in this unconscionable fashion, supposedly on our behalf.

There is no immediate election, but we can voice our utter disgust at the irresponsible behavior of those who refuse to perform their jobs and their duties as president and members of Congress of the United States of America.

And at the next election, we can at least attempt to do something about it with whom we hire to do the important jobs in Washington.

Barry A. Minbiole

East Amherst