Let’s hope cardinals choose a good pope

The election of a new pope always seems to attract the full attention of the media, and for good reason. With the world in the mess it is today, it seems only logical that not only Christians but the world in general should be anticipating the election of a person who might exhort virtues that presently seem to be on some back burner, hidden in some secret dimension, far, far away.

No matter what your beliefs or nonbeliefs, I think we all hope this new pope – whomever he may be – will, by his words and actions, be able to turn hate into love, increase understanding and replace selfishness with compassion for all humanity while promoting a deep respect for human life, something we should not deny to others, regardless of who we are or where we live.

We share this planet together, like it or not, and we do need guidance. Let’s hope the cardinals make a good choice.

Norman Machynski