By Lynn Ciesielski

In recurring dreams, organs cross genders; continents

meet at the equator.

Bodies dance enmeshed, merging major and minor keys.

Each embraces a shadow; two is one: he is she is he.

She is curves and cleavage; he fits like a corkscrew.

Her soul pours deftly through his pores.

He infuses sweet day with pungent extract of night.

Like lips on a straw, liquid in a pitcher, silky ice cream

spooned into a waffle cone.

Two share one leg, one arm; single limbs oppose.

Hers wears leopard print brown and orange,

his wears solid orange and black.

Those mornings I wake to find beside me on the stand,

aftershave and a strand of pearls though I sleep alone.

LYNN CIESIELSKI, a former special-education teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools, is the organizer of the Circleformance Reading Series at Meridian West Gallery. Her first chapbook of poems, “I Speak in Tongues,” was published last year by Foothills Publications.