UB football needs to play, not whine about schedule

I am sick and tired of hearing Athletic Director Danny White and coach Jeff Quinn complain about how tough the UB football schedule is and how unfair the MAC is against them. One has to wonder, are they really crying about the fact that their team is not good enough to compete against the MAC schedule?

There is no crying in football. Such an attitude eventually filters down to your players. They soon lose confidence in themselves and their coaches. Quinn has a career record at UB of 9 wins and 27 losses. And to constantly remind his players that their schedule is too tough for them hurts team morale.

The last great football coach UB had, Turner Gill, never cried about the schedule. He and his team went on the field, competed and eventually won a MAC championship and appeared in a bowl game.

That winning attitude soon caught fire in those of us who love UB football. And we could not wait for the schedule to come out so we could say to the MAC, bring it on.

David Hampton


General managers aren’t being held accountable

As a Bills and Sabres fan since day one I was very shocked by the firing of Lindy Ruff. Could it be that we find the wrong man? Where does Darcy Regier fit into the equation?

Ruff does not sign players so he had to do the best with the hand he was dealt with. Pegula and Regier needed to blame somebody. During his years in Buffalo, Regier had chances to bring in top talent but in my opinion took the cheap way out.

You bring up a coach from the minor leagues all you are going to have is a new coach with the same results. In the last 13 seasons we found this out the hard way with the Bills and the many coaches they fired.

What about Buddy Nix, a general manager who in my opinion did nothing execpt make excuses? Now the Bills bring in a college coach with just a .500 record. Again the Bills took the cheap way out. This is just one in many reasons that the Sabres and Bills cannot win a Super Bowl or Stanley Cup. I hope Terry Pegula does not follow in Ralph Wilson’s footsteps.

Stanley Marlinski


Sabres need to add that missing something

“Relentless” is described by Webster’s as “... showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength or pace.”

What Webster’s doesn’t point out is that all good, if not great, NHL teams have this trait as part of their work ethic.

Until the Buffalo Sabres incorporate this word into their vocabulary, they will not be going anywhere. It has to permeate the locker room and the play on the ice. It has to be a mindset dominating every player’s phyche.

Is this group capable of it? History has shown they are not but a new voice and a new approach may change things. We can only hope that one change was enough.

Dale Slisz


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