Disgusted voters are making voices heard

In 1941, when Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, it didn’t realize it was unleashing a sleeping giant. The Japanese didn’t understand the strength of America, or the culture and determination of Americans. It was Japan’s cluelessness that led to its defeat.

When the politicians in Albany launched a surprise attack on New Yorkers and passed the SAFE Act in the dead of night, they also showed their cluelessness. With local sportsmen’s groups, towns and even entire counties passing resolutions condemning and asking for repeal of the law, we can see the strength and determination of Americans once again.

America was founded on the principle of government of, by and for the people. We see little evidence of that in recent years. The money and favors of the special interest groups are what directs the government. But now the people are being heard. We have been silent too long. The resolutions and community gatherings are the voice of the people and the message is loud and clear. We are not special interest groups – we are the people. And we vote!

Politicians, take heed. Those among you who don’t listen to the people will be defeated at the polls.

James Seufert

North Tonawanda