Lighting is critical along Ohio Street

Rep. Brian Higgins, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. and the City of Buffalo’s proposed $11 million reconstruction of Ohio Street between Michigan Avenue and Route 5 in the Old First Ward is a welcome project in a part of our city that has experienced a visible community-driven resurgence in recent years.

By transforming this industrial road into a two-lane parkway with landscaping, bike paths and other attractive features, such work will complement the many positive developments that have taken hold along the Buffalo River, including the Valley Community Association’s Mutual Riverfront Park and Buffalo River Fest Park sites.

One thing is certain, however, the New York State Department of Transportation and Harbor Development Corp. must consider hiring a lighting designer to ensure that all new poles and fixtures are appropriately designed and sized, as well as placed in locations that will enhance the parkway setting that residents have been promised.

It is imperative that with this investment, all electrical should be placed underground before beautiful new light standards are installed.

Margaret “Peg” Overdorf

Executive Director

Valley Community Association