My daughters think I lecture them too much. I can be a hypochondriac at times. I hate most vegetables.

But when it comes to making the right lifestyle choices, my intentions are good. I want to learn how to be healthier, a better family guy, more willing to down a lovingly prepared vegetable medley.

If that sounds familiar, this weekly Saturday section is for you.

Do you wish you could lose weight – and keep it off? That you weren’t so flustered when you talked with your doctor? That the latest interaction you and your family have had with the medical community hadn’t left you feeling so powerless, frustrated or confused?

Do you wish you had stronger relationships? More support during challenging times? That you could relate better to your parents? Also, to your kids – and get them away from the TV and computer, if only for awhile?

This section can help you here, too.

While preparing for WNY Refresh during the last few weeks, I’ve started to pull together some “go-to” experts in the four core areas of the section, so you can come here on weekends confident you’re getting good advice.

Going forward, we’ll look to be mindful of the following:

• The ancient Greeks were onto something with their two guiding principles: “Know thyself” and “Nothing in excess.” So was the preacher who shared the “Golden Rule.” Finding balance, and seeking to understand limits and possibilities, will be a focus for this section. We also will look to give you, the reader, as many healthy perspectives as possible.

• Appropriate exercise, proper eating and strength in family take good choices and a lifetime commitment, and can make a world of difference to your health – and attitude.

• People who are passionate about something are much more fascinating than people who want to get rich. We will wade through the mountain of conflicting health, wellness and family information and focus on people who have information with your interests in mind.

As Refresh gets off the ground, we hope you will share your ideas, challenges and success stories. Email us at, fax us at 856-5150 or follow us on Twitter at @bnrefresh.

And give me some time, at first, to get back to you. In this age of too much information, I expect to have to push through lots of junk email on age-defying products, sexual dysfunction drugs and state-of-the-art medical breakthroughs.

Meanwhile, if any of you out there know how to make kids listen to their parents, or vegetables taste as good as a Super Mighty or Ted’s onion rings, I’m listening.