Highlight WW II era at Old Fort Niagara

I’ve often wondered why the state has preserved Old Fort Niagara but razed the World War II Fort Niagara and turned it into a park.

I lived in adjoining Youngstown from 1942 to 1945. My mother worked as secretary to the lieutenant in charge of the PX during World War II, and my stepfather was head baker there for all of the war years. That “newer” Fort Niagara became a big part of my life. I ate at the PX with my mother and stepfather, enjoyed those thick chocolate milk shakes and then went to the post movie house (it cost me 10 cents).

Why isn’t World War II Fort Niagara as much a part of our history as the old one is? Anyway, no crying over spilled milk. What is, is. However, if Acquest does build an inn and renovate the old movie house there, as it has requested, I beg of it to build a cafeteria-style restaurant and call it the PX. Play the ’40s-type music there, and have a large room connected to it to show all the ’40s snapshots and history of World War II Fort Niagara. (I have lots of them I can share, including those of the German POWs housed there during the war years.) I have the name of two ladies who could also be of huge help in that regard. Please consider this suggestion. This way we could get on with the new, but still preserve some of the historical past.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst