The Mini Page, like this newspaper, often uses captions to give facts about a story and to explain how what is going on in the picture adds to the story.

We looked back through our past issues to come up with a few. You will want to read the captions in this newspaper, too.

Keep in mind that headlines also give information.

Read online

You may read your newspaper on the Internet. Today many papers have websites or online editions (visit Papers have started websites for several reasons:

• to keep the cost of paper down

• to attract younger readers who are used to using the Internet

• to present up-to-the-minute news without waiting for the next print edition

• to reach readers in other cities

• to add information that won’t fit into the print version

Newspaper readers may enjoy an online version because:

• They can keep up with local news even when away from home.

• It conserves paper resources.

• They can email or share stories with friends online.

• Type size can be adjusted.

Captions Give Facts