Newspaper in Education Week (March 4-8) is a special week set aside to call attention to how important newspapers are to everyday life – both now, while you are in school, and later, when you grow up.

Read real news

Most of us enjoy reading fiction or make-believe stories. Many of us also like to read about the real world.

Reading real-life stories in newspapers and the Mini Page can teach you information-gathering skills that will help you throughout your life.

Many reading experts say that although kids should read fiction, they also need to read more nonfiction, or facts. They need to know how to read and understand information that will help them live more interesting and informed lives. We read to gain knowledge.

Whether you read a print newspaper or online, newspapers are full of interesting information.

Where in your newspaper can you find this information? Put the page number in the boxes below (or find it online).

Newspapers often give information about:

• other countries

• your country

• your state

Papers touch your life with information you need:

Weather forecasts help you be prepared.

Entertainment sections suggest what movies to see or TV shows to watch.

Classified ad sections can help you find a pet.

Display ads might feature a new dress for mom.