Hollywood should take a stand against violence

Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, gun control advocate or not, everyone has to see the hypocrisy in The News article, “Albany to Hollywood: You can still bring your guns to New York State.” The entertainment industry has long been a staunch supporter of liberal politics and politicians. Tinseltown is known for hosting expensive fundraisers as a means of boosting campaign cash.

So isn’t it ironic that Hollywood, which embodies the television, movie and video game industry, chooses to support beliefs “provided” they don’t adversely affect its bottom line? The same bottom line that business owners and working-class individuals struggle to preserve each day. The same bottom line that wealthy individuals and large corporations were criticized for during the last election.

Perhaps it’s time for Hollywood to set a positive moral example and take a stand against violence. Perhaps it’s time for our politicians, such as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to persuade their Hollywood friends to stop producing films, shows and games filled with gratuitous violence. Perhaps it’s time for the fans to reject the violence once and for all. That would certainly send an appropriate message to our pandering politicians and their greedy Hollywood cronies.

Susan Costanza