LOCKPORT – A bouncer at a now-defunct Lockport bar, who pleaded guilty Jan. 2 to beating up a patron last year, was sentenced to a year in Niagara County Jail on Wednesday after denying he took part in the beating.

Charles J. Bootes, 56, of East Avenue, had pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. The victim of the Jan. 8, 2012, beating at Finnan’s on Lincoln Avenue, Philip Dearborn, “has, apparently, some brain damage,” Assistant District Attorney Claudette S. Caldwell said. He also suffered a broken jaw, nose and eye socket.

“I’m sorry about whatever happened to him,” Bootes said.

“But you take no responsibility?” County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas asked.

“No,” Bootes answered. Farkas then sent him to jail.

Caldwell said, “It’s always been our position that more than one person was involved. However, in grand jury, we were only able to obtain an indictment against [Bootes].” She cited testimony against Bootes from three witnesses.