Nation needs to realize violence begets violence

There have been several letters recently regarding the shooting of coyotes, rabbits, squirrels and other small mammals. The response to these letters generally has been “this is cruel” or “this is fun.” I would like people to look at these activities from a different point of view. Everyone knows that we have a terrible reputation for violence in general and gun deaths in particular. We were born in violence. To this day we laud the violent “justice” of the old West and hold it up as an example of something that is brave and good.

Until we acknowledge that violence breeds more violence, we will continue to be the gun capital of the world. Parents, please consider what you are doing. You are teaching your children that it is fun to kill a small, helpless creature. If you want to enjoy nature, shoot with a camera. If it is the shooting you enjoy, aim at a target at the shooting range. Please, do not perpetuate this love of violence that runs through our culture and will not change until we do.

Linda C. Berman