Many residents support New York’s new gun law

When I read the article “Erie County joins growing opposition to gun law,” I was deeply saddened by the actions of the Erie County Legislature. I do not agree with its nonbinding resolution to repeal the SAFE Act. As a student and young activist, I fully support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new legislation. I want to go to my college campus every day feeling safe, spending my time studying instead of worrying about whether or not I will be shot by some unstable person with high-capacity, military-grade assault weapons.

What exactly do the legislators oppose about the SAFE Act? Do they oppose universal background checks? Or safer storage of guns in our homes? Is it the recertification process that prevents convicted felons from owning guns? Or is the problem that you can now only shoot seven bullets as opposed to 10? Do the three really matter? There is no clear rationale for their vote.

Perhaps it is because the SAFE Act is what they have called a “knee-jerk reaction” to recent gun violence; the recent gun violence being 26 fatalities at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty of those 26 victims were children who were 6 or 7 years old when several rounds of ammunition were fired into their tiny bodies ending their lives all too soon. Maybe the three bullets makes the difference in this case?

Contrary to what some may believe, the SAFE Act is not infringing on our right to bear arms. It is ensuring that we are a little bit safer from those who would do society harm, including innocent children. Like it or not, Sandy Hook was a game-changer, and those who find themselves on the opposite side of this law will face consequences at the polls in November.

Kathryn Procknal