Buffalo should not block restaurant’s plan to grow

As a young professional who lives in Elmwood Village, I do my best to support the community. I attend concerts of local bands, art openings and even go to new restaurants in order to welcome businesses to the area. I want Buffalo to succeed and I believe that small businesses play a key role in supporting local arts as well as giving back to the community. Acropolis is a business that cares not only about its service, but also about community engagement that is so desperately desired in our city.

Why are we, as a community, stifling a local business’s attempt to grow and thrive in such a great area? What kind of portrait are we painting of Buffalo when a business that puts forth the efforts and desires to establish itself within the community gets its dreams squashed without even a compromise?

This is my city, this is our city; if we cannot stand beside one another, work toward common goals and encourage those with plans of becoming a staple in our community, then what will we have to look back on? If we want Buffalo to grow economically and be engaged within the community at large, then we need to support these types of business endeavors as well as promote how our city stands by its citizens who are working hard to build a better, stronger community for everyone.

I want to support those who have dreams and the wherewithal to make our community what it should be. If our prideful slogan is the City of Good Neighbors, then I want to feel that reverberated throughout the community. Let’s work with one another and build the Buffalo that we’ve envisioned for the future.

Thomas Goergen