HINSDALE – Ghosts are not the only problems haunting a famous old residence in Hinsdale – so are finances.

A local group looking to preserve the celebrated Hinsdale Haunted House will sponsor a fundraiser May 11 dedicated to restoring the 19th century home that has been etched into Cattaraugus County history.

A group recently formed to raise funds for the building has invited a group of paranormal experts who will offer psychic and tarot card readings, lectures, hauntings and other events connected with “things that go bump in the night” at the home.

The Hinsdale Haunted House has reportedly been the site of ghostly visits during the 1970s and even an exorcism. Books and films have been devoted to exploring the location, and now the public will be invited to the 1-9 p.m. event.

A day pass is available for $20, and limited tickets for the “investigation” featured in a live broadcast from the site are available for $30.

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