State law won’t curb the illegal use of guns

A Democrat has finally “spoken the truth” about the NY SAFE Act. Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes stated that we are required to register cars, shouldn’t guns be registered as well? Well, automobiles require infrastructure, and are not a “right” protected under the Constitution. Responsible firearms ownership requires nothing from the government. She also was quoted saying, “It will allow us to keep track of where legal guns wind up.” Now, there is the problem, and the truth. She says nothing about illegal ownership or use of firearms. If the guns the state wishes to track are legal, why would anyone need to know where they are?

Even expanded background checks will not work if other groups continue to refuse to submit the data that is needed to make them work. That is the reason for opposition on this point. The SAFE Act does not seem to be much of a solution to the problem that it is supposed to be. Or, has it been planned that way by legislators wanting much more? Something many politicians have been quoted as wanting for decades.

Many in this country have allowed their rights to be chipped away at for decades because they didn’t believe it affected them. However, Second Amendment supporters are vilified when they stand up for theirs. Whether for or against, all citizens should be alarmed at how this legislation was created and enacted, and stop being so complacent about their government.

John E. Borngraber

West Seneca