Stronger middle class would improve economy

When a senator makes the suggestion that the federal subsidies to oil companies be cut, tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas be eliminated and millionaires pay a fair share of income tax, aren’t these good things? Oil companies make billions of dollars in profits while we struggle to fill up our tanks. We send jobs overseas and create unemployment in this country while those companies reap huge profits. Income tax should be fair for all Americans. The tax burden must come off the middle class before it collapses. Maybe I’m from left field, but aren’t these good things to correct?

Rep. Chris Collins stated that this is “typical liberal spend-spend-spend, tax-tax-tax” and they don’t “know what it’s like to run a small business and create jobs.” We don’t need more jobs overseas; we need the jobs brought back to this country. Let’s put Americans back to work. If we do that, more Americans earn a paycheck, spending increases, tax revenue goes up and the millions we have to spend on unemployment payments goes down. More disposable income equals more personal spending and investments; all which spurs our economy – we all benefit.

Want to help stem our rising national debt? Let’s stop programs like spending millions of dollars building a national park in Afghanistan or giving millions to countries that support terrorism against Americans. Let’s take care of our country first. I may not be a rocket scientist, but these concepts don’t seem that difficult to grasp.

James E. Manley

West Seneca