HarborCenter design is not pedestrian-friendly

After reading Donn Esmonde’s Feb. 22 column, I took a look at the proposal by Tim Thielman. I agree with Thielman’s critique of HarborCenter. This project, as designed, is another parking ramp disguised as an ice skating attraction.

In its Feb. 19 press release, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. asserts that the design of this project will “ensure that proposed development contributes to a dense, urbane, pedestrian-scaled development pattern and architectural themes consistent with Canalside development objectives.”

How does this proposed design promote “dense, urbane, pedestrian-scaled” development, when it walls off the easiest pedestrian access, via the Erie Canal Harbor transit station on Main Street?

Wake up, Buffalo! At a time when the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center is embracing the Allen Street Station of Metro Rail as an asset, this project should do something similar for the waterfront.

The Harbor Development Corp. should insist that the HarborCenter be redesigned, to include the Erie Canal Harbor transit station as the great asset we know, which already brings people to the waterfront.

Gladys Gifford

Citizens for Regional Transit