President has created a hostile environment

Humanity has forever been confronted with an infinite number of unanswerable questions, and it’s safe to conclude that it will always be the case. However, the problems facing our nation do not fall into this category. America’s problems are not intractable. The question is: Do we have the political will to address our difficulties and to find the appropriate solutions? As of this date, the answer is no. So, now we must ask the obvious questions. Why not and what’s holding us back? After all, are not our leaders duty-bound by oath and pre-election promises to resolve, constitutionally, the problems facing this great land?

It’s called empirical reasoning – the intellectual process by which an enlightened society logically defines, reasons and resolves difficulties. This process cannot work if there is confusion about the precise nature and underlying causes of the problem. Certainly, there is confusion; perhaps chaos is a better word. In defining America’s problems, the executive branch of our government has engaged in distortion, distraction, hyperbole, deception and denial. In the process, President Obama has created a culture that is hostile to truth and reason. In such an environment, the probability of a suitable solution to any problematic issue is doubtful.

Our Founding Fathers expected that the media, with their commitments to the republic and to journalistic integrity, would be the arbiters of truth, and would keep the public informed of such governmental malfeasance. Sadly, these men of conscience were wrong.

Nicholas D. Mecca