Some things in church should remain the same

There have been several recent articles calling for women to be priests, in fact E.J. Dionne calls for a nun to be the next pope! This shows a lack of understanding of the priesthood. Jesus himself chose men to the priesthood because they would forever act in the person of Christ, who was a man. Jesus was a radical for his time, and surely if he wanted women priests he would have made Mary Magdalene one.

It doesn’t mean women are not capable to serve. It means men and women by nature are suited to different yet complementary roles. Frankly, I find it unbecoming that women are infringing on every role a man inhabits as if to feel threatened by a man’s role. Women are the pillars of the church and of society. They are the nurturing, compassionate force, fixing everything from wounded egos to bruised knees. We are “life-bearers” and there is no greater status than that.

The priesthood and celibacy in the Catholic Church is a choice and a gift. It is a sign of a new life of service where priests are called to consecrate themselves with an “undivided heart” and give themselves entirely to God. The abhorrent evils caused by the weakness of the flesh do not negate what Jesus established more than 2,000 years ago. There are some things in this life that should remain the same, and they should not be challenged by people who have their own agenda. Throughout our history we go through the painful throes of cleansing from time to time and we emerge a stronger church not by change but by faith.

Dawn Curazzato