Many with chronic pain need opioids to function

I was happy to see a recent letter writer come to the defense of opioid use for chronic pain. I have chronic pain from a very physical occupation as a farrier for 40-plus years and a horseback riding accident. I was thrown from the horse and broke my collar bone, shoulder and 11 ribs. Needless to say, although everything healed, I am in constant pain and would not be able to function without the hydrocodone I take daily.

This drug does not get me high. I am not addicted to it, and if it is taken as prescribed by your doctor, would not cause you to become addicted. I don’t know how people are getting large supplies to sell. They must be robbing drugstores, getting greedy doctors to write prescriptions or some other illegal way. They all should be arrested and punished by the law.

People like me who are taking drugs for chronic pain should not have to pay for someone else’s illegal actions. My doctor is now very cautious about prescribing these medications, and it is getting inconvenient for elderly people like me. I have to go back to the doctor more often to get refills, and the last time I went I had to take a urine test. It is just unfair that a bunch of criminals can cause difficulty for law-abiding citizens.

George A. Thomson