On the walls of countless dive bar bathrooms in Buffalo, the city’s inebriated poets have long been hard at work. Their scrawled Sharpie masterpieces, which range from vulgar one-liners to surprisingly poignant verse that seems more touching the later it gets, are the subject of a new theatrical project called “Graffiti Reading.”

The show is inspired by the graffiti in the women’s bathroom at Nietzsche’s and produced by Buffalo musician Susan Peters.

“The graffiti has been painstakingly copied and formatted as seen on the walls and in the stalls,” according to a release. “This event literally takes the words and frees them from their confines: Four actresses will offer their interpretations of the bits of wit and wisdom that have accumulated over the years.”

Those four actresses are Stephanie Bax, Eliza Kittsley Blake, Dana McKnight and Karin Woods. Their performance will be followed by a set of live jazz by Susan Peters and Friends. – Colin Dabkowski


“Graffiti Reading” — Date: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Place: Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St. Tickets: $5. Info: 544-8914.