Hunting license is useless if we can’t purchase ammo

The recent gun laws passed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo are targeting law-abiding citizens, whether our politicians want to admit it or not. Last week, many kids had the pleasure of having a week off for midwinter recess. Some families traveled. I chose to spend time at camp with my son and one of his friends for what was to be an enjoyable week of small game hunting and target practice. The sad reality of my planned family time came crashing down on the kids when I had to break the news we wouldn’t be able to target practice or hunt small game because I was unable to purchase .22-caliber rim fire from more than a dozen stores I had hoped to make my purchase from.

My son and his friend are both licensed sportsmen who have taken hunter education courses and possess a valid hunting license. At a time when the state is begging for more hunters, I find it ironic that one is able to purchase a hunting license but not able to purchase ammunition. Hunting has been a way of life that I intend to pass on to my son. I had all intentions of purchasing a lifetime license for my son’s 15th birthday, but that is not going to happen based on the fact that I don’t like the direction the state is going with gun control.

Hunting in New York is a billion-dollar industry that brings in millions of dollars of tax revenue. Without hunters, the deer population will explode and there will be an even bigger problem than the loss of tax revenue.

Patrick Swartz

West Seneca