Neil Wechsler’s last locally produced play, an adaptation of Ibsen’s sprawling “Emperor and Galilean” at Torn Space Theater last March, was a major affair involving a large cast and dozens of moving parts. But his newest work, with the unwieldy title of “YSBADDADEN” and set in Wales in the Middle Ages, is a more streamlined affair.

The play, which will receive a reading at 7 p.m. Monday at Silo City (87 Childs St.), is “a reinvention of the archetypal myth of the ogre father and beautiful daughter.”

“I’m interested in the day-to-day reality of the ancient and medieval world. I try to strip that world of its illusions, but try to maintain the sense of wonder,” Wechsler wrote in an email to The News. “In ‘YSBADDADEN’ I hope to capture the genuine fragility of human loss, as emphasized by a father who doesn’t want his daughter to get married. My goal is to capture the oral culture of the period where every word had to be remembered.”

Wechsler’s cast – Bruce Dow, David Oliver, Adrian Gatto and Renee Landrigan – will present the work in the unusual venue of a Silo City grain elevator at the invitation of venue owner Rick Smith, who also helped to foster last September’s successful City of Night festival.

– Colin Dabkowski