Tonight, Allentown’s Indigo Art gallery (74 Allen St.) will open an exhibition of recent work by Peter Sowiski, a painter, printmaker and professor emeritus of art and design at Buffalo State College.

For the show, “Reaper, Raptor, Soldier, Sky,” Sowiski has created a number of large-scale prints and paintings depicting military hardware against vast skies being serviced by one or more human figures. It’s all an attempt, he wrote in a statement, to investigate “the high-stakes and tense times we live in.”

“These accompanying service figures are meant to visually compliment and extend the dialogue between what we do as people, and what our hardware does,” he wrote. “Our mundane work done ‘servicing’ these machines in a way makes us servant to as well as master of them and their power.”

Tonight’s opening reception, part of the broader Allentown First Fridays event, starts at 6 p.m. The show runs through March 30. Call 984-9572.

– Colin Dabkowski