Most of us have no choice but to pay for costly gas

The Feb. 21 front-page story on gas prices reaching $4 per gallon included this sentence: “We’ve shown we’re willing to pay $4 or more a gallon.”

What the story – and too many others – did not include is this simple fact: Many of us pay $4 or more per gallon for gas because we have no other realistic option. If The News could manage to look hard at Western New York beyond the City of Buffalo, it would see areas where bus service, if it exists at all, is extremely limited.

For example, Olean and its surrounding communities are trying very hard to restore the bus service we had long ago. But most of us, if we want to go to work, school, shopping, visiting friends or anything else, have to pull our cars out of the driveway and, yes, pay for that expensive gas.

Since we’ve already had the required “well, clearly we’re OK with paying this much” sentiments, the only thing this price spike still lacks is someone in government assuring us that he will carefully investigate why the prices have shot up this high this fast. At this point, I’d urge those officials to save their breath. Instead, perhaps they might apply those energies to helping find alternatives so we can say no to $4 per gallon.

I don’t expect to see a realistic effort on that front any time soon.

Carole McNall