Buffalo is very lucky to have Roswell Park

As a former General Motors employee of 36 years, who retired four years ago, I looked forward to my golden years. Last year was a scary time when I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

My reservations about retirement and health changed when I went to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, where I underwent a bone marrow transplant. My brother, Frank, was a perfect match and all went well.

The health care I received at Roswell Park was remarkable and meticulous. The skills of the doctors and nurses and the care they provided was amazing.

Even now with weekly visits, attention is given to the smallest detail and it’s heartwarming.

While some look at Buffalo in a negative way, I’m proud to have devoted my life here. It is a blessing we have Roswell Park. The staff took care of me so well. People come from all over for this high-quality treatment.

Eusebio Pacella