Representatives allow Big Oil to rip off public

I bought gas the other day and it cost $4.04 a gallon. Are we fools or what? Big Oil is clever using our foolish attention on gun control and the national debt as cover to rip us off. What did it cost for the gas already in the gas stations tanks? Is it not suspicious that every station raises its prices at exactly the same time? Where the heck are our elected representatives? It appears that they have no stomach for taking on Big Oil.

We see demonstrations all over the country because some ultra-right conservatives have many believing that their guns are going to be taken away. First of all, no one is taking guns away. Reasonable restrictions to keep them out of the hands of unstable and criminal elements should be enacted. Some unsavory politicians are leading the band and stirring up the masses for political capital.

Enough of the small talk from our representatives. It is time for them to actually stand up for those they represent. If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it is a skunk. A federal investigation should be initiated regarding the oil companies ripping off the public. Something stinks here, folks, and instead of the phony concentration on gun control let’s see our representatives go after the out-of-control oil industry. Perhaps publishing the donations our representatives receive from Big Oil will wake up the public. While we demonstrate against gun control, Big Oil is picking our pockets.

Allen F. Scioli